Ware Washing

Here at KiD Catering Equipment, you’ll find a wide range of warewashers including dishwashers, glasswashers and utensil washers for pots and pans. A must-have in any professional kitchen, an industrial warewasher is essential for maintaining both hygiene and efficiency. With products from some of the world’s best catering brands including Meiko, Maidaid and Sammic, your warewasher will become an integral part of your catering equipment. From sleek undercounter warewashers to our complete rack and flight conveyor warewashing machines, we stock a huge variety of commercial warewasher equipment to suit your needs.

A warewashing machine for every need

Whether it’s cleaning glasses behind a busy and fast paced bar or cleaning dishes after a dinner service at a restaurant, we have an industrial warewashing machine to suit your needs. Our glass and dishwashers come in a range of sizes including powerful yet compact undercounter warewashers to fit behind your bar area and aid in efficient bar management. As well as keeping your bar or restaurant running smoothly, these commercial warewashers can help you save on labour costs. With sleek and stylish stainless steel designs our warewashing systems seamlessly suit existing bar counter systems and other kitchen equipment.

Alternatively, our larger industrial warewashers and utensil washers feature super-fast cycle times and larger basket capacity to power through large quantities. Perfect for catering companies handling large events and banquets as well as busy restaurants, some of our most powerful warewashing machines include cycle times of just 90 seconds, capable of washing up to 40 glass baskets or 720 dinner plates an hour. Our utensil washers bring the same powerful technology to power through pots and gastronorm pans.

Industrial warewashers

You can also find a wide range of pass through and rack conveyor dishwashers for a more versatile warewashing solution. Our industrial warewashing machines are ideal for busy catering kitchens dealing with high volumes of washing. Offering the ultimate in hygiene and efficiency, our pass through and conveyor type commercial warewashers, offer a range of advanced features. Specialising in either glass and dishwashing or utensil washing, our most powerful pass through warewashing systems are capable of cleaning over 2000 dinner plates an hour.

We also offer a selection of rack conveyor dishwashers. Both our rack conveyor and pass through industrial ware washing machines come in a variety of set ups including rinse stations and table end switch to improve the overall organisation of your clean up times.

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