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KiD Catering Equipment is a leading supplier of commercial glasswasher of brands such as Amika, Maidaid, Meiko and many more, to the Commercial Catering Industry in UK. We offer a wide range of glasswashers developed with the latest technology which are suitable for washing an assortment of glasses. Our glasswashers come in a variety of sizes, which can be used in a range of commercial catering establishments. With our truly dedicated products, you will be able to save time and improve efficiency and have fully cleaned glasses quickly.

We have a large selection of reasonably priced commercial glasswashers for sale that offer an efficient under-counter solution.

Amazing Products and Efficient Cleaning Solutions for Commercial Catering Establishments
Our products give an efficient cleaning solution which are designed to meet the modern challenges of today’s food and drink retail environment. We provide the best quality commercial glasswashers for bar, restaurants, hotels, conference and sports centres which able to produce outstanding cleaning results without damaging the glass so leaving their shine intact along with maintaining the glasses’ durability. Our machines come with a range of programable and automatic cleaning cycles to suit the need of your business.

As your one-stop destination for glasswasher services, we provide complete support to meet your needs through commercial glasswasher installation, repair and servicing solutions for all of our machines, specific to your requirements. You can also find the best in glasswashers with built in water softeners and built in drain pumps for sale too.