Technical Documents

Ventilation of kitchens in catering establishments

HSE information sheet hi-lighting the requirements for correct & constant air quality within catering kitchens. Read Document

Gas Safety in Catering & Hospitality

The Official HSE document Catering Sheet 23 detailing fully the criteria set out for all catering foodservice establishments. Read Document

Maintenance Priorities In Catering

The HSE document concerns the requirement for ensuring that your foodservice equipment is regularly serviced.It is your responsibility that after purchasing this expensive equipment, you ensure ongoing routine maintenance is performed on the units assisting in correct tip top operation, fuel efficiency and employee safety. Your insurance Company should allow you a small discount on your annual policy by being able to produce documentation left by qualified & certificated engineers to the effect that they have professionally serviced your item(s) of equipment and you have shown due diligence. For Peace Of Mind, Contact Us now for an Equipment Health Check, Save Money and give your equipment an extended lease of life !! Read Document

Chemical Hazard

The Chemical Hazard, Information and Packaging for Supply (CHIP) regulations require us to advise you of any potential hazards associated with certain products. Find the risk code or safety code marked near the product then use the following table to identify the associated hazard.
R12Extremely flammable
R22Harmful if swallowed
R34Causes burns
R35Causes severe burns
R36 / R37Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin
R38Irritating to skin
R41Risk of serious damage to eyes


S1Keep locked up
S2Keep out of reach of children
S23Do not breathe spray
S24Avoid contact with skin
S26In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately
S27 / S39Wear suitable gloves and eye or face protection
S36 / S37Wear suitable protective clothing, wear suitable gloves, wear eye or face protection
S45In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately
S46If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately
S49Keep only in original container
S50Do not mix with acids or other cleaning chemicals
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