Refrigeration & Ice Makers

Whatever the size of your professional kitchen, your commercial refrigeration equipment is probably the most frequently used along with your food preparation equipment. An integral part of many aspects of catering service, your refrigeration equipment needs to meet your day to day needs with durability you can rely on. We stock top quality products from the best-trusted brands from around the world, including Precision Refrigeration, Sincold and Foster. You’ll also find a wide selection of industrial refrigeration equipment, with a huge choice of sizes and features to meet the demands of any professional kitchen.

Basic commercial refrigeration equipment for any need

Choosing the right catering refrigeration equipment for your kitchen size and needs is vital to getting the most suitable product in terms of both quality and price. To ensure you only spend on the features you really need and minimise food waste we stock a comprehensive range of basic commercial fridge and freezer models in various sizes. Designed to meet the needs of small kitchens short on space as well as high volume demands, these powerful products can withstand the intense heat and pressures of your kitchen.

For a compact unit to fit into your current kitchen set up, our under counter commercial refrigeration equipment is designed to fit under your counter space. These models are both compact and lightweight to provide quick and easy access to food or drink without affecting your current kitchen set up. With sleek and stylish designs and quiet operation, this type of catering refrigerator equipment is often used in front of house service such as behind bars. For back of house service, our prep counter units offer similar space-saving advantages while also providing their own counter space to prep food. With optional doors, drawers or a combination of both, these units are ideal for kitchens that are short on space.

Alternatively, our popular upright units come in slim space-saving single door sizes as well as double door and even large walk-in models. Perfect for kitchens looking for more space to meet high volume demands, you’ll find upright units in both fridge and freezer models just like our other industrial refrigerator equipment.

Specialist catering refrigeration equipment

As well as catering to all the basic demands of any professional kitchen, we also offer more specialised commercial refrigeration equipment. Our range of refrigerator displays, for example, is ideal for cafes, delis, bakeries or buffet style food service. These stylish units come in a range of sizes and colour options to suit front of house service and are designed to be both durable and reliable for refrigerating ready-made food for extended periods of time. Alternatively, catering and events companies may benefit from our Sincold blast chillers and freezers. From our most compact blast chiller to units capable of handling larger quantities of food, this industrial refrigeration equipment is vital to meeting and maintaining food hygiene standards when chilling or freezing and storing food.

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