Heated Banqueting Trolley BQ60KH

Heated Banqueting Trolley BQ60KH

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Simply give the trolley a preheat, load it with your hot plated meals and it will hold the food at a suitable temperature for a limited period, Then transfer the unit to the dining area and serve when ready.

Stainless steel construction with CP wire shelves. Bright polished stainless steel interior with satin finished hinged doors. outer panels in Merlin Grey durable plastic coated steel. Rubber buffer all round chassis. Fitted with 150mm dia castors 2 with brakes.

Stainless steel plate covers are essential for the operation of Banqueting Trolleys and are included in the price of the unit.

  • 60 Covers 10″/255mm plate capacity
  • 30 Covers 11″/280mm plate and 12″/305mm plates capacity
  • When used with plate (10″/255mm) and covers stacked 5 high on 4 shelves it can take 76 covers
  • Manual Heat Control
  • Humidifier
  • Doors open 270ºC
  • It is recommended that plate covers are used for enhanced food presentation & moisture retention
  • 4 Shelves supplied
  • 1080 x 730 x 1585mm (lxdxh)
  • Power Rating 2.8kw: 1 x 13amp

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  • Internal rack with anti-tilt grid shelves.
  • Increased reliability. Should one element or fan fail the others will compensate and continue operating.
  • Fitted with a humidifier for choice of moist or dry air.
  • 4 x 150mm diameter precision bearing castors. 2x fixed and 2x swivel braked.

Capacity when used traditionally with plates and covers stacked 5 high on 4 shelves

Plate sizeCovers
10″ (255mm dia)76
11″ (280mm dia)57
12″ (305mm dia)57
13″ (330mm dia)57

When covers are not stacked and are placed on 15 shelves

Plate sizeCovers
10″ (255mm dia)60
11″ (280mm dia)45
12″ (305mm dia)45
13″ (330mm dia)45

Note: only 4 shelves are supplied as standard. Additional rod shelves are available at extra cost.

Operating Modes

  • Hold hot food, transport food.
  • An optional transfer system increases convenience and flexibility even further.
  • The internal rack can be rolled out of the compartment onto a transfer dolly.
  • This allows food to be prepared and loaded at a satellite station.
  • With a spare internal rack and grid shelves, food can be prepared for the next operation while the trolley is in use.
Weight156 kg
Delivery Time

3-4 week, made to order

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