Evolution Series Mobile Castor Kit, 228807

Evolution Series Mobile Castor Kit, 228807

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Mobile castor kit, (set of 2 lockable)

Available on back-order

Applicable Product Models
G514D-CB, G514C-CB, G514B-CB, G514D-LS, G514C-LS, G514B-LS, G516D-CB, G516C-CB, G516B-CB, G516A-CB, G516D-LS, G516C-LS, G516B-LS, G516A-LS, G516D-RB, G516C-RB, G516B-RB, G516A-RB, G518D-CB, G518C-CB, G518B-CB, G518A-CB, G518D-LS, G518C-LS, G518B-LS, G518A-LS, G518D-RB, G518C-RB, G518B-RB, G518A-RB, G504D, G504C, G504B, G505D, G505C, G54D, G54C, GE505D, GE505C, GE54D, GE54C, G506D, G506C, G506B, G506A, G56D, G56C, G56B, G56A, GE506D, GE506C, GE506B, GE506A, GE56D, GE56C, GE56B, GE56A, G508D, G508C, G508B, G508A, G58D, G58C, G58B, G58A, GE508D, GE508C, GE508B, GE508A, GE58D, GE58C, GE58B, GE58A, G528D, G528C, G528B, G528A, G57-CB, G57-LS, G57-RB, G570, G576, GE570, GE576, GP514-CB, GP514-LS, GP516-CB, GP516-LS, GP516-RB, GP518-CB, GP518-LS, GP518-RB, GPE506, GPE56, GPE508, GPE58, G55T, G594-LS, G596-B, G596-LS, G598-LS, GT45, GT45E, GT46, GT46E, GT60, GT60E, GT60-HPO, E514D-CB, E514C-CB, E514B-CB, E514D-LS, E514C-LS, E514B-LS, E516D-CB, E516C-CB, E516B-CB, E516A-CB, E516D-LS, E516C-LS ,E516B-LS, E516A-LS, E516D-RB, E516C-RB, E516B-RB, E516A-RB, E506D, E506C, E506B, E506A, E56D, E56C, E56B, E56A, EP514-CB, EP514-LS, EP516-CB, EP516-LS, EP516-RB, EP518-CB, EP518-LS, EP518-RB, EP506, EP56, E43, E43E, E44, E44E, E603, E604, IN512-CB, IN514-CB,

Weight5 kg
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2 – 5 days, subject to availability

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