Bioceptor Fog Management System BIO-1001U

Bioceptor Fog Management System BIO-1001U

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  • High strength injection moulded high-density polyethylene – grey. All materials recyclable.
  • Dimensions: 678 x 485.32 x 427.5mm (wxdxh)
  • Weight: 7.5 Kg  (empty) 60 Kg  (full)
  • Flow Rates: 96 litres (per minute)  1.6 litres (per second)
  • Special Notes: BioCeptor biological drain maintenance system works by regularly dosing highly active bio-fluid into the F.I.T unit, it is not a drain unblocking system.
  • IMPORTANT: Existing drains must be cleaned and pressure washed prior to installation. Failure to do this could result in dislodged fat and grease blocking the drains further downstream. The dosing point into the drain should be a minimum of 2 metres (6.5 ft) away from sources of excessive heat or harsh chemicals in the drain such as dishwashers, combination ovens or waste disposal units. If installed downstream from a water softener, ensure softener regeneration occurs prior to the module dosing time each night. The F.I.T unit can be installed with flow in either direction.
  • Care & maintenance: On-going maintenance and cleaning is essential for the effective and efficient working of the BioCeptor F.I.T unit. IMPORTANT: The site must appoint a certified and qualified grease trap maintenance / drain service company to undertake this work. Regularity of attending will be determined by the service company, analysing usage and operations. The built-in quick disconnect kit (supplied) allows the F.I.T unit to be temporarily removed for periodic cleaning. The floor, wall and local area can then be completely and hygienically cleaned. Avoid using cleaning products containing biocide, limonene & terpenes.
  • Site Requirements:  Installation must be carried out in accordance with local authority and water company requirements. The location advice and installation instructions in the Operator Manual must be followed. It may be necessary to install more than one BioCeptor system in a kitchen if multiple grease risk areas are identified. Staff should be trained in good internal FOG housekeeping and best management practice. This will help the effectiveness of the system, and significantly help to maintain free flowing water both within the drains of the premises and in the sewerage system. Some water companies / sewer management providers would advise that dishwashers are NOT connected to FOG trapping devices. However the BioCeptor is designed to accept the discharge from dishwashers if required. Food Waste Disposers (FWDs) should NOT be connected.
  • On-Going Machine Requirements –  Service and maintenance contract
  • Recommended Use:  Ideal for sites wanting to prevent the recurrence of drain blockages from Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs) including starches, and to help meet legislative demands.

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  • Combined system designed to retain and breakdown Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs) to prevent them from entering the drainage system.
  • BioCeptor FOG Intercept and Treatment (F.I.T) unit works in conjunction with the GreasePak bio-fluid dosing module.
  • BioCeptor’s F.I.T unit is highly efficient at capturing FOG, with an average efficiency rating of 95.6%.
  • Utilises the traditional principles of entrapment and retention alongside the natural process of bioremediation.
  • The combined technologies create a highly effective environment, perfect for permanent degradation of FOG.
  • Designed using flow control technology, allowing the F.I.T unit to be much smaller than a standard interceptor.
  • Helps satisfy legislation and building regulations.
  • 10 year warranty on the tank and lid.
  • Simple to completely remove from situ to clean floors, walls and surrounding areas.
  • Easy to remove baffles to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Reduced frequency of maintenance/servicing due to the powerful bio-fluid degrading FOG within the F.I.T unit.
  • Easy to remove, mechanical lid fittings for engineers to access tank Ð no special tool needed.
  • Stylish, rounded modern design – no sharp corners for organic waste to collect.
  • Supplied with four adjustable levelling feet.
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