Hot Water Boilers

Our wide range of catering water boilers are perfect for kitchens, cafes, hotels, care homes, restaurants, conference centres, that need an instant catering hot water dispenser as part of their beverage equipment. We only provide hot water boilers from trusted brands like Calomax to give you the best quality product for superior reliability. With a range of sizes and prices available, there’s a commercial catering hot water boiler for virtually any requirement.

Catering hot water boilers for efficiency

Our electric catering hot water boilers are essential for any kitchens or establishments that make a high volume of hot drinks and even soups. We only provide automatic hot water boilers to give you the best in efficiency and productivity. That means all our hot water boilers can give you an immediate supply of hot boiling water throughout service for quicker tea and coffee making. With water-filled automatically from the mains, a water boiler saves precious time and effort in the kitchen to help you provide superior service to customers and better organisation in the kitchen.

A catering hot water boiler for any need

We offer both counter top and wall mounted catering hot water boilers in a variety of capacities and finishes to suit any size kitchen and any output demand. This includes our wall mounted hot water dispensers complete with ECO mode, which are perfect for smaller kitchens that still have a high hot drinks demand such as cafes. Our highest capacity wall mounted catering water boiler, the Calomax Eclipse 3W15C-SS is both easy to install and can deliver 35 litres of boiling water every hour in it’s compact and discreet wall mounted design.

Alternatively, our counter top catering hot water boilers include dual-flow models with two dispensers for added efficiency, produce up to 78 litres per hour.  For self-vend applications in supermarkets, in-store beverage areas, restaurants etc, the Quest counter-top version, dispenses into cups, mugs and small teapots, all safely at the push of a button. All water boilers are fully WRAS approved and have a 2 Year Warranty, with the majority of models being a 13 amp plug-in supply.

We also provide a wide range of commercial coffee machines for kitchens and businesses looking to expand their drinks menu.

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