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Here at KiD Catering Equipment, we stock a wide selection of hot cupboards and bains marie for keeping food warm over long catering services. Perfect for both front and back of house uses, these hot food warmers are designed to keep cooked food at a consistent temperature over a long period of time for a more efficient and less wasteful professional kitchen. You’ll find a range of quality brands with commercial food warmers from E &R Moffat, King Edward and Victor to complement the rest of your catering cooking equipment.

Commercial bain marie

A bain marie is an essential piece of catering equipment for any kitchen serving food over a period of time, ideal for buffet style dinner service and foods including beans, curry and vegetables. Using gastronorm pans, a bain marie food warmer is designed to keep food service as efficient as possible. By swapping out the pans with other prepared food when one is running low, commercial bainsmarie can help to ensure dinner service runs smoothly and food waste is minimised. A stylish stainless steel bain marie is also suitable for front of house service to complement your other servery equipment.

We have a wide selection to choose from including both dry and wet bain marie options. While a dry bain marie heats the containers directly for a quicker heating time, a wet bain marie diffuses heat through water and is perfect for more delicate foods that require careful steam heating such as sauces like hollandaise. You’ll also find both gas and electric bainsmarie depending on your needs and suitable for either large catering kitchens or mobile catering services.

Hot cupboards

A food warmer cabinet or holding cabinet is essential for any high-volume catering service. With a wide choice of sizes available and capable of holding up to hundreds of plates at a time, a commercial hot cupboard is suitable for a range of businesses and needs including schools, care homes and catering events. Combined with other professional equipment such as banquet carts, a commercial food warmer ensures that meals can be prepared early and served at a high quality food standard when needed. They are essential to an efficient and hygienic high-volume dinner service.

Whether storing pre-made meals just before service or warming plates and crockery, our commercial food warmer cabinets can be controlled from the exterior so optimum temperatures are maintained. Many of our larger hot cupboards feature the innovative three door system, allowing easy access to the centre of the cupboard. You’ll also find combination hot cupboard bains marie perfect for both back and front of house service, as well as many featuring castors for easy manoeuvrability that is ideal for mobile caterers.

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