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For any café, shop or canteen looking to sell pre-prepared or packaged food to customers, a food merchandiser display is a must-have piece of equipment. Designed to encourage impulse purchases these food display units ensure your food stays warmed or chilled as necessary while maintaining visual appeal. We offer a wide range of ambient, cold, hot and even combined food displays to suit any need, the perfect complement to your food counters and serve overs. You’ll find trusted catering brands including Moffat and King Edward, as well as a selection of attractive specialised merchandisers.

Food merchandiser displays

These food display cases are perfect for shops, cafes, cafeterias and canteens offering packaged food. The basic ambient merchandiser display can maintain foods at a room temperature, perfect for doughnuts, biscuits, crisps and other snacks. Alternatively, you may need to display either hot or cold food. We offer both hot food displays and display fridges to accommodate any kind of food from chilled sandwiches to hot baked goods. For complete versatility, our combined heated and chilled food merchandiser allows you to display both hot and cold food and drinks at the same time. This set up is ideal for offering a complete meal deal selection all within one food display cabinet.

All our merchandiser displays come with full length LED lighting to provide a striking presentation, as well as completely adjustable and removable shelves that can be organised to be either sloping or horizontal to suit your requirements. They also come with a stainless-steel price tag or info holder for the front to display a range of ambient foods such as crisps. With castors and front brakes, these food display cases are easy to move for maintenance and cleaning.

Businesses looking to sell pre-cooked or packaged food can also complement their food merchandiser with beverage equipment including espresso machines and drink dispensers.

Specialised food displays

We also offer a selection of specialised food warmer display cases for a more appealing front of house food presentation. You’ll find a range of King Edward hot food merchandisers in attractive traditional styles perfect for bistro style establishments. Designed to keep ready to eat cooked food at a consistent temperature, these specialised food display cabinets are suitable for a range of foods including baked potatoes, sausage rolls, pizzas, pies and many more. With doors front and back they are easy to load and ideal for self-service use if required, while the stylish display ensures food is attractively presented to encourage point of sale.

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