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Our range of commercial stick blenders has been designed to efficiently mix and blend sauces, creams, soups and more to save time in the kitchen. As well as being efficient, heavy duty stick blenders are completely portable and convenient making them suitable for a wide range of kitchen settings and mixing requirements. With leading catering brands including Sammic, our commercial hand blenders are built to deliver reliable results use after use.

Versatile heavy-duty stick blenders

Also known as immersion blenders, the primary benefit of an industrial stick blender is there versatility and convenience. These professional hand blenders are completely portable allowing you to mix foods as they are in their bowl or pot, while cold or cooking. With various attachments available including whisk beater arms for whipping and liquidiser arms for pureeing or blending, a heavy duty hand blender can handle a huge variety of foods and mixes while remaining portable and more efficient than the standard commercial blenders or food mixers.

The professional stick blenders that have it all

Our commercial stick blenders are some of the most versatile around and we provide a huge range to meet the requirements of any catering demand. From immersion blenders with shorter 200mm liquidising arms and small blade covering hood designed specifically for small bowl mixes to our heavy duty hand blenders with long 600mm arm lengths perfect for large food-preparation needs and containers of up to 200-litre. Fast fixed speeds are designed to power through mixes in the shortest time possible while delivering high quality and well-mixed results, yet our detachable professional hand blenders are also easy to clean. For complete versatility, our commercial stick blender set includes both beater arm attachment and liquidising arm attachment.

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