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A commercial sous vide machine is a great way to introduce both quality and efficiency into your professional kitchen. These modern water bath cooking machines slow cook vacuum bagged food at precise and even temperatures to seal in flavour for high-quality results. These easy to use sous vide machines allow the chef to essentially set and forget, leaving them plenty of time to prep and cook other food. At KiD Catering Equipment, we only supply sous vide water baths from leading brands like Sammic so you can guarantee amazing results every time.

Commercial water bath cooking machines

A fairly modern concept, a quality sous vide machine is another way of water bath cooking. Using precise temperatures and accurate settings, they can be kept at exact and consistent temperatures over long periods to evenly and accurately cook food. Food is vacuum sealed with a vacuum packer and then cooked in the professional sous vide machine for amazing results. In this way, a sous vide water bath can marinate foods in half the time of traditional methods, and seals in powerful flavours for quality dishes. Not only does this produce amazing tasting food, but it is also much more efficient and easier than traditional prep and cooking. For this reason, sous vide equipment can free up lots of time in the kitchen for other tasks, making for a more efficient catering environment.

A sous vide machine for any need

Our range of sous vide equipment means you can introduce vacuum seal cooking to your kitchen regardless of its size or demands. Our small countertop sous vide machines can handle 14 litres with the possibility to use partitions and are perfect for kitchens with smaller water bath cooking requirements. Despite their small size, they offer precision temperature control and alerts to guide chefs for accurate results. Their compact size means they are easy to move with fitted lift handles and the drain tap allows quick emptying for cleaning.

Alternatively, our large professional sous vide machines can take up to 56-litre containers and come with a stirrer perfect for larger catering demands. Advanced features like SmartVide functionality means this professional sous vide equipment can precisely control temperature while preserving the quality of the product, enhancing flavour and texture with very little hands-on time. Additionally, blue tooth capabilities allow for the possible export or printing of cooking results at the end of each cycle for effective HACCP control.

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