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The blast chiller-deep freezer is an important item of refrigeration equipment that allows Chefs, Bakers, Pastry Shops and Ice Cream Makers, to organise their workload, reducing management cost and realising considerable product and time savings. Blast chillers are usually found in most professional kitchens; they are specially designed to meet strict food hygiene and safety standards making them a vital piece of catering equipment.

KiD Catering Equipment offers a wide range of blast freezers and chillers that all meet the quality and standards of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) regulations, needed to chill or freeze food quickly and safely. With a selection of trusted products and brands including Precision Refrigeration, Gram and Sincold available, you’ll find a blast chiller to meet your requirements, whether a small café kitchen, hotel, patisserie, catering college, hospital or a catering food service.

Blast chillers for food hygiene and quality

One of the main reasons to buy a blast chiller is food hygiene compliance, rapid cooling to between +3ºC and -18ºC means shock freezers reduce the amount of time foods are left at dangerous temperatures, otherwise known as the danger zone. This is when food sits at between +8ºC and +63ºC for a length of time and dangerous bacteria can grow; to keep within food safety legislation, commercial kitchens should use a blast chiller when necessary to cool or freeze food within a safe time frame.

The fast cooling offered by a shock freezer is also vital in providing a high-quality food service. The quicker the cooling the more taste, texture and nutrition is retained in the food. For professional kitchens seeking high quality, this makes a blast chiller a catering necessity. Blast freezers and chillers also help to extend the shelf-life of food, essential for event catering and anyone preparing and cooking large quantities of food and storing for any length of time.

When it comes to catering for events or large dinner parties, our banquet carts are the perfect option for storing after it has been chilled and regenerating it again ready for service.

Blast freezers and chillers for any professional kitchen

With such a wide choice of shock freezers available, there really is something to suit every kitchen and budget. Our compact blast chillers from Sincold are perfect for small counters and footprints, yet still come packed with all the features expected from a blast freezer. This includes both soft and hard blast chilling settings, perfect for rapidly cooling both delicate foods such as fish and cakes as well as higher density or fatty foods such as meat joints.

Alternatively, our advanced blast chiller models offer more automated control and easy to use touchscreen settings, available in both compact countertop sizes and larger reach-in models. Customisable features mean you can upload tailored cycles and create a recipe book of pre-set programs to meet the demands of your fast-paced and efficient kitchen. You’ll also find many of these blast freezers come with more specialised options, such as a special cycle for ice cream and a raw fish sanitation cycle.

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