Bar Blenders

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A quality commercial blender is one of the most versatile pieces of beverage equipment. You can find these powerful machines in many establishments, with a commercial blender for restaurants, bars, hotels, nursing homes and even hospitals. A professional blender or liquidiser can make short work of liquids, ice and foods for well-mixed quality results every time. With trusted brands like Sammic, we only provide the best commercial blenders for your kitchen.

Superior professional blenders

While our range is great for bar blenders, these blender machines can also handle food for a completely versatile solution. For example, the Blender TB-2000 from Sammic includes powerful blades that make quick work of foods and ice, making it a perfect heavy duty blender for any professional kitchen. Use as a smoothie blender or cocktail maker as well as for soups and other liquidised food recipes. This bar blender includes 2-litre bowl with high power controls to meet the demands of even busy kitchens or bar areas.

Commercial blender accessories

Complete your industrial blender with our accessories including the 1.5 litre decanter and sound proof cover. These powerful electric blenders can get noisy, especially if used as a bar blender when the machine may have to handle ice as well as drinks. A sound proof cover can help to minimise the noise of your commercial smoothie blender, perfect for front of house uses such as bar areas.

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