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Any catering service from conference centres, hotels, hospitals to sports stadia, will benefit from the efficiency and quality offered by banqueting trolleys. With a range of sizes in stock, we provide banquets carts to suit any need and budget. From small events to large banquets, these powerful units are the ideal way to store, transport and serve pre-made meals to ensure every food service goes smoothly. For the best possible quality we supply banquet cabinets from a range of trusted brands including E&R Moffat, Precision, ScanBox and Victor to complement your other servery equipment.

Banqueting trolleys for efficiency

Any catering kitchen will know the pressure of preparing, storing, transporting and serving up often hundreds of meals. Working with such high volumes and in strict time limits can result in costly mistakes. Banquet carts look to streamline the dinner service for a more efficient kitchen that runs smoothly and eliminates the last-minute rush, even during big events. Our largest banqueting trolleys can handle a range of plate sizes and cater to large event needs.

With both hot and cold settings, banqueting cabinets can keep chilled food at the right temperature and store pre-made hot meals that have been prepared hours or even days before the event. Many of our banqueting carts, such as those featuring the Chillogen technology from E&R Moffat, can then automatically regenerate the food in time for food service. Based on your pre-set times, the banquet cabinet will begin heating the food and will maintain the correct heated temperature until you are ready to serve. No last-minute rush and no cold food due to late guests.

More quality, less costs

Banquet carts allow you to cook and prepare food during quiet periods before food service, often resulting in better prepared and quality meals. The rapid heating process then ensures that meals are served as fresh as possible, retaining the high quality of your pre-made food. With a robust stainless-steel build, all our banqueting trolleys are designed to stand the test of time and keep up with the frequent and long use demanded of busy catering kitchens.

Plus, banquet cabinets can offer surprising cost savings. Wages, overtime and other added costs often associated with busy prep times and high-volume service can be greatly reduced with the efficiencies offered by a banquet cart. Automated settings and large capacities make them more efficient and cheaper than the large labour usually needed to carry out these tasks.

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