Potato Baking Ovens

baked potato oven

One of the cheapest foods a caterer can offer to their customer is a baked potato. They are also probably one of the safest foods to handle and prepare too. With this in mind there’s no wonder that our potato baking ovens are so popular. Traditional oven baked potatoes are very popular; this is the beauty of getting a potato baking oven you can cater for the popular demand. Potato baking ovens are a multi element cooking system with low running costs, requires little knowledge and no effort or skill to operate as well as being low maintenance. Simply load the amount of potatoes you want to prepare, leave for approximately one to two hours and your potatoes will be baked to perfection.

Why choose a potato baking oven over a conventional oven to prepare jacket potatoes ?

Apart from stating the obvious the basic quality of your potatoes will be improved, in that these ovens have been specially designed to do the job to precision. They are a compact design so that if you are running a coffee shop, staff restaurant, sandwich bar or retail food court they can be strategically placed to entice your customers in, if they can see and smell fresh baked potatoes they are much more likely to buy.

The majority of potato baking ovens are a perfect size to fit on counter tops, and are available in an array of attractive colours to suit any decor. They illuminate visual displays so that you can see the cooking process happen. Jacket potatoes are very easy to prepare and are low cost giving you a high return on investment. The potato baking ovens are also a great way to promote your business as serving healthy food to your customers.

KiD Catering offers a huge selection of potato baking oven systems all built to very high specifications to suit the needs of any caterer. With a variety of shapes and sizes and options in stock KiD Catering can supply you with one of the best Jacket potatoes you will have ever tried.

For more Information on any of the potato baking ovens please Contact Us & we would be happy to assist you.

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