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TGS30 Tabletop 300 Smart Induction Stir-fryer (Manual)

Robot Induction Stir Fryer

  • Product Dimension: 630×500×550mm
  • Main body shell material: 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity: 0.5kg-3.5kg
  • Voltage: 220V /50Hz
  • Power: 3.5-5kW/230V/1ph
  • Fryer barrel size: Φ300 x H300
  • Fryer barrel capacity: 6L (Available capacity with dip angle 30°)
  • Barrel material: 443 stainless steel non-stick. pot Display:
  • Multi-functional digital display screen
  • Barrel angle adjust type: hand-operated(include 13 gears)
  • Safety Protection: Emergency stop function
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Features & Advantages:

  • Advanced heating and cooking technology: it breaks the traditional method of using an open flame for the heating but using the induction heating principle for direct heating.
  • Multiple function and intelligence: one machine can realise multiple functions (heating, stirring, frying) with fully intelligent and automatic operation.
  • Energy-saving: provides a variety of stirring ways with the scraper to ensure no dead angle and mix the material evenly.
  • Reducing potential safety hazards: compared with a high-pressure vessel of the boiler, the heat energy is generated in the pot itself, it avoids high-pressure explosion and other safety Accident.
  • Low-carbon/ environmental-friendly: No combustion exhaust emissions, no oxygen consumption, low noise, no pollution, no heat emission while saving energy.
  • Precise control: timing, temperature, speed, and power rate control by stages


catering chain, takeaway, snack shop, and other places; suitable for automatic cooking of fried dishes, fried rice, fried flour, fried noodles, spicy chicken, spicy pot, crayfish, spicy shrimp and crab, fried meat floss, fried sauce, fried dried fruit, fried tea, etc.

Weight 73 kg
Dimensions 700 × 630 × 820 mm


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