Food Preparation

Quality food preparation machines are an essential part of any commercial catering kitchen. With a wide range of food prep equipment designed to cut, chop, dice, mix and prepare a variety of foods and meal components, these reliable food machines are also some of our most versatile. We stock a comprehensive selection of food prep machines to handle all your commercial food preparation needs to help save time and money. You’ll find popular and trusted brands including Sammic, Metcalfe and Meiko for a wide choice of reliable products. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, bakeries and any other catering kitchen, you’ll also find prices to suit any budget.

Slice and chop food

From meats to vegetables and more, we offer industrial food preparation equipment to help slice and chop your foods ready for cooking. When it comes to commercial food preparation, food needs to be prepared as quickly and efficiently as possible to keep up with busy catering service. Food preparation appliances can cut and chop food faster, helping to keep your kitchen efficient and saving you additional labour costs.

Our lettuce and veg washing machines are essential to maintaining both hygiene and efficiency, while our wide range of food processors can chop veg and other suitable foods. Not only are these powerful food prep machines extremely time saving, they also prepare veg to a higher quality thanks to precise and uniform cutting. With unparalleled speed and efficiency, this type of preparation equipment is ideal for restaurants, hotels and professional catering services looking to service high volume gourmet food.

Alternatively, deli style establishments and other professional kitchens will enjoy the time and labour saved with our meat slicers and potato peelers. While our potato peelers are the perfect food prep machines for simply peeling and preparing potatoes, our meat slicers can quickly and precisely cut both meats and cheeses.

Preparing food and meals

We also offer a wide range of food production equipment for more complex mixes and meal components in preparation for cooking food in a catering setting. Designed to streamline commercial food preparation, our comprehensive range of food mixers can handle large volumes of a variety of mixes including dough, batter, sauces and meringue, making them perfect for bakeries and patisseries.

When it comes to cooking preparation, our vacuum packers and sous vide are some of our most powerful food prep machines. Modern catering kitchens are realising the full potential of this type of industrial food preparation equipment and its ability to create high quality and tasty food. With vacuum packers you can seal in a variety of foods including meats, cheese, sauces and more to keep them fresher for longer. You can also use this food machine to season and marinate meat or fish to seal in flavour. Sous vide can then be used to cook the vacuum-sealed food for a slow cooked high quality result.

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