Veg Prep Machines & Food Processors

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A commercial veg prep machine can deliver remarkable efficiencies in kitchens that need to chop, cut, dice, cube, slice and otherwise prepare large quantities of julienne style vegetables. From restaurants and cafeterias to events catering companies, we offer a wide selection of commercial vegetable chopping machines to meet your everyday demands. We stock high-quality brands like Sammic and Chefquip, to provide you with industrial veg prep machines that are stylish, practical and deliver results you can rely on time after time.

Versatile commercial veg prep machines

A good commercial vegetable preparation machine is extremely versatile. Many of our machines have a complement of over 70 different styles including cutting/slicing plates, twin and triple blades for general slicing, curved blades for delicate cuts, crinkle edge blades for speciality cuts, julienne blades for fine straw finishing touches, shredding and grating plates for topping off and of course chipping and dicing plates can be fitted. With machine precision, you can also rely on a commercial vegetable processor to produce uniform and consistent results, making a commercial vegetable chopping machine ideal for making high quality a la carte dishes in restaurants or even pre-packaged meals.

You can also get even more versatility by pairing your commercial vegetable processor with our quality potato peeling equipment, designed specifically to prepare potatoes.

Commercial vegetable slicers for efficiency

Offering fast prep times and high-volume capacities, our industrial vegetable slicers deliver superior efficiencies to meet almost any demand. Whether you’re a smaller restaurant or a large cafeteria, with motor speeds of up to 730 rpm these incredible commercial vegetable chopper machines can power through huge quantities to deliver an hourly production of up to 1000kg.

The efficiencies even continue after food service with a sleek stainless-steel construction and high-quality material that is compliant with Hygiene, Cleaning and Food Material regulations. Not only does this deliver quality and safe results during food prep, but is also easy to clean and maintain along with easily removable levers and lids with built-in safety locks.