A quality catering food mixer is an essential kitchen cooking companion for any business preparing high quantities of food. Large capacity bowls and powerful motors make all our commercial mixers suitable for a professional kitchen environment. Because every business is different, we stock a wide range of industrial food mixers with prices to suit any budget and tailored to meet even the most demanding catering needs. All our models are certified and approved for kitchen health and safety compliance.

Essential commercial food mixers
No commercial kitchen is complete without a professional mixer. These high-powered machines save both time and money by efficiently mixing large food quantities far quicker than manual or domestic models. This helps to streamline lengthy food preparations and reduces the number of labour hours needed, saving you money in wages and leaving you more time to grow your business. You’ll also find an industrial food mixer is necessary to achieve the superb food quality expected throughout the catering industry and needed to stay competitive.
In our collection, you’ll find a range of industrial dough mixers with multipurpose functionality, perfect for preparing bread, batter, sauces and meringue. Most of our catering food mixers come with a variety of accessories and attachments to accomplish all these and much more, giving your professional kitchen the agility to meet any demand. You’ll also find additional attachments in our mixer accessories to ensure your mixer is fully equipped for any task.
Of course, the most important benefit of any professional food mixer is excellent quality construction. This guarantees a sturdy and reliable machine to ensure no last-minute breakdowns which can often be extremely costly to your wallet and your reputation. We stock trusted brands such as Metcalfe and Sammic so you can rely on our commercial kitchen mixers to efficiently see you through food preparation time after time. Strong and resilient stainless steel makes up many of our durable designs and is often easy to maintain and repair.
You can also be ready for any food preparation need with by complementing your commercial food mixer with one of our food processors, ideal for processing veg and other hard foods.
Professional planetary mixers
When it comes to industrial mixers there’s no beating a planetary model. We stock a range of high-quality planetary food mixers equipped with bowl capacities up to 80ltr as standard. These robust machines are named after the precise orbital movements the mixing attachment makes around the bowl. This provides complete coverage of substances and results in thorough mixes to meet high-quality food preparation standards. You’ll find floor standing planetary mixers with powerful motors and 3-speed transmission, perfect for tackling all kinds of mixing jobs seen in bakeries, hotels, restaurants and many other catering kitchens.
Alternatively, our commercial stand mixers provide some smaller capacities and compact sizes perfect for tabletop operation. Despite their smaller stature, these industrial food mixers are just as strong and versatile, coming equipped with attachments and accessories to handle a variety of demands. Smaller professional kitchens and businesses will benefit from the slightly small budget and easy to use design of these still powerful commercial dough mixers.