Baking Prover Ovens

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A commercial proving oven is a must-have for any independent bakery or professional kitchen with high volume baking needs. We offer a selection of baker’s ovens for proving dough and keeping food warm. Each of our models is from the Blue Seal, delivering high-quality prover ovens fit for any professional kitchen and suited to take on the high volume demands of dedicated bakeries.

High quality proofing ovens

Our range of prover ovens come with a durable and high quality stainless-steel finish and offer fantastic value for money making them an affordable update to your existing cooking equipment. These proving ovens come with a low-velocity circulation fan and convection system to ensure completely even temperatures throughout the proofing cabinet. This means even large 12 tray proving ovens can cook evenly without the need to set different cooking times for each tray. Additionally, a convection system can reduce cooking and proofing times. Combined with efficient food preparation with the help of our food mixers and accessories, these proofer ovens are efficient enough for even the busiest professional kitchen.

Proving ovens with complete control

You’ll find that Blue Seal prover ovens come with adjustable humidity and temperature for absolute control in the kitchen. Able to achieve the perfectly controlled humidity and temperatures needed for proving dough, these models are the ideal commercial bread oven. Choose from either our 8 or 12 sheet pan capacities and find the proofer oven that perfectly suits your needs, whether it’s for a catering kitchen and restaurant or the high volume demands of a dedicated bakery. Additionally, you’ll find all these proofing ovens come with castors and a sleek compact design perfect for mobile catering, but the castors can also be removed to stack the baking ovens on top of each other for even more high-volume needs.