Commercial Coffee Equipment

commercial coffee equipment

At KID Catering Equipment, our 30-plus years supplying the UK food service industry have made us experts in commercial coffee equipment.

Our extensive range is chock-full of commercial-grade equipment to help you deliver exceptional coffee drinks your customers will love. Better yet, our experienced team can match you with the right machines to brew coffee with speed, efficiency, and consistency.

So, whether you run a single-site café or restaurant chain, read on to discover how we can equip your business to serve coffee with confidence.

Choosing the Right Commercial Coffee Equipment for Your Business

Choosing the ideal commercial coffee machine and accessories is an important decision. The right equipment will help your staff consistently brew café-quality drinks, even at busy times.

Let’s explore some key factors to help you find equipment that’s a perfect fit:

  • Output: Low-volume spots may need just a single-group espresso machine, while larger operations would benefit from two or three-group models to craft drinks simultaneously.
  • Footprint: You must ensure your machines fit neatly on your counters without cluttering your space. Measurements are crucial to get this right – you don’t want to end up with a machine that’s too large, hampering workflow.
  • Speed: Fast heat-up and recovery times mean your baristas can power through orders efficiently. Our top-quality machines come with quick brewing and steam wand recovery.
  • Reliability: With machines running all day, commercial-grade components are a must. That’s why we sell machines with all-metal parts, as they stand the test of time.
  • Maintenance: Removable brew groups, drip trays, and wands make cleaning a breeze. Descaling alerts also help, with some machines taking care of this automatically.

Our team will happily explore your needs, discuss your drinks menus, and evaluate your site layout to recommend specific equipment. Our expertise, paired with the top-quality brands we sell, will ensure you serve coffee you can be proud of.

commercial coffee equipment

The Commercial Coffee Equipment We Offer

At KID Catering Equipment, we supply high-quality coffee machines, grinders and accessories from leading brands, including Ascaso, Iberital, and Eureka.

Our commercial coffee machines are available in one, two or three-group models to match your business’ volume needs. Options include the Iberital Expression Pro and IB7 series, known for performance, consistency and reliability.

For grinding fresh beans, we offer continuous-use coffee grinders from Eureka, with the Zenith series featuring precision burrs and dose adjustability for the perfect grind.

We also stock accessories like under-machine knock-out drawers, high-capacity ice crushers from brands like Triton and Nordkap, and our Hagola heated storage cabinet for neatly organising coffee ground waste, supplies, and crockery.

With KID Catering Equipment, you’ll find the coffee machines, grinders and accessories from trusted brands to craft great-tasting espresso-based drinks and speciality coffee for your customers.

commercial coffee equipment

What Makes KID Catering Equipment Different?

At KID Catering Equipment, our decades of experience set us apart in the world of commercial coffee equipment. Since 1991, we’ve helped countless cafes, restaurants and coffee shops across the UK find the ideal coffee machines, grinders, and accessories for their needs.

Our team’s expertise allows us to make tailored recommendations based on your menu, beverage volume, workflow, and budget.

We also stand out through our flexible finance options, which allow you to acquire premium equipment from leading brands like Ascaso and Iberital without significant upfront costs. Spread payments interest-free over three to five years while enjoying the full benefits.

Whether you’re just starting your business or looking to upgrade equipment, our dedication to tailored solutions and bespoke financing options will have you serving great-tasting coffee in no time.

commercial coffee equipment

Choose KID Catering Equipment to Serve Coffee with Confidence

At KID Catering Equipment, our mission is to provide you with the commercial coffee equipment your business needs to craft incredible drinks.

Our experienced team has the expertise to listen to the specifics of your business setup and recommend the ideal combination of commercial espresso machines, grinders, and accessories to ensure you can create delicious coffee consistently and efficiently.

So contact us today to discuss your coffee equipment requirements and discover why so many other cafés, coffee shops, and restaurants choose KID Catering Equipment for their commercial coffee needs.

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