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Baby T Zero Coffee Machine


  • Dimensions: 350 x 430 x 380mm (wxdxh)
  • Boiler Power: 1200W 50-60Hz
  • Steam Boiler Capacity 2.5litre
  • Professional Thermodynamic Group
  • Independent steam boiler. Stainless steel Aisi 316. Extremely sturdy. Large capacity. (2,5 L)
  • External Pid control (0,1ºC) for coffee group and (1ºC) steam boiler
  • External timer in coffee group
  • Digital Display in coffee group. Multiple functions.
    Total control.
  • Ascaso App. Remote total control
  • Dose Volumetric control. 5 selections
  • Thermal stability (+- 1,5ºC Zero / +- 0,5ºC Plus).
  • Energy efficient (-50%).
  • Powerful steamer (12 mm anti-lime scale tube.
    Stainless Steel. Cool touch).
  • High-precision filters in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Designed for baristas: joystick steam controls,
    LED in work area, 5 volume selections, Pid
  • Hot water with solenoid
  • Wood Accessories
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Technology T (T-Plus)

Thermal Stability System

The filtered and clean water enters the machine through the rotary pump at a certain pressure.

Enter the water/steam boiler through a U-shaped preheater tube (thick and 100% Aisi 316 L stainless steel), at network or ambient temperature. And it comes out hot without touching or altering the water in the water boiler. A very efficient system (no need to use any additional energy to preheat the water entering the groups).

Hot water (80º) will enter each thermodynamic coffee group.

The coffee group (see technology group T) and the algorithm established in the electronic exchange, guarantee a great thermal stability of the water at the exit of the group (+ – 0.5ºC). Both in situations of continuous or timely consumption.

And all this without constantly reheating the water or having saturated groups of water. Clean water in each coffee at a constant temperature. With a much more efficient and sustainable technology.




Keeping baristas happy

In the espresso world, when we talk about ergonomics we mean the optimisation of the design of the coffee machine so the professional barista can work in the utmost comfort. Basically, what we are looking for is that the barista can perform his ‘choreography’ smoothly, comfortably and happily.

Based on structured data collection, we have designed our machine in line with the different ergonomic parameters demanded by baristas to ensure that their relationship with the Barista T is a joyous one. The essential elements have been devised and designed so that the creation of an espresso coffee and its specific choreography take place in the most comfortable possible circumstances for the professional barista.


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Ascaso App (download app)
Control all the parameters of your machine through the mobile.

By wifi. Easy and comfortable. The same settings that you also have from the keypad of the machine and more:

  On/off coffee group and steam boiler.

Schedules weekly shutdown/start. Improves energy efficiency.

Stand-by activation.

Electronic PID control of coffee groups temperature. Accuracy 0,1ºC.

Electronic PID control of steam boiler temperature. Accuracy 1 ºC.

Choice ºC or ºF.

Counter (number of coffees, total and partial).

Programmable preinfusion in each selection (from 0 to 5 seconds). Accuracy of 0.1 sec in all selections.

Volumetric adjustment of all options.

Connection to water network or tank.

Languages selection.

Reset, import/export machine configuration parameters.

Content expandable through updates.

Download App

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(IOS version available on April 15)